The new generation of coffee grinders is coming up to fill you up with the irresistible aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee.

BEAN ME UP™ promises an optimum aroma and the authentic flavor of your favorite whole coffee beans. Due to its highly efficient ceramic mechanism, it grinds 3-5 times faster than the average manual grinders.

With its extraordinary outer design, finum®´s BEAN ME UP™ is so much more than meets the eye. It includes a manual, ceramic grinder mechanism that adjusts the coarseness of your grinding and its ceramic parts can be dismantled for easier cleaning and use in the dishwasher.

Whole coffee beans can be now ground with no risk of metal taste in your coffee due to the natural ceramic parts of the grinder.

Your coffee was never as fresh and aromatic!


  • 3-5 faster grinding compared to other grinders
  • Continuous adjustable coarseness of grinding – from fine  to coarse
  • Ceramic material is natural – no metal taste into coffee
  • Stainless-steel shaft (FDA approved)
  • Ceramic parts can be dismantled
  • Easy to clean / dishwasher safe
  • Manual mechanism
  • Capacity: coffee beans feeder capacity -28,6gr (1oz) / grounded coffee in collecting tray– 55,7gr (2oz) – depends on the coarseness of the grinding


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