finum®'s CHILL OUT™ enhances your beer, wine and spirits at any stylish outdoor event. This double-wall tumbler keeps your beverage tasty and at the right temperature. CHILL OUT™'s exceptional appeal is largely owed to its lid, which is shaped like a cup and includes a simple spout closure (Corkmec™). Similarly to a fine wine glass or a traditional tea cup, CHILL OUT™'s shape will assist your sense of taste. This is not only due to its unique cup shape but also because it´s made of Tritan™, a taste-free and BpA-free material, with high-impact resistance and clarity.

Enhance the way you are drinking and just CHILL OUT™!



  • double wall tumbler; 0.3 l / 10 fl. oz (USA)
  • colors: ruby red translucent, applpe green translucent, anthracite translucent
  • made from Tritan™ (by Eastman): FDA approved, BpA-free
  • easy to clean


  • 1 CHILL OUT™ / box
  • 9 boxes / carton
  • 672 boxes / pallet



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